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Trackers work hard with the spirit, so that the three-drug products Awards

Trackers work hard with the spirit, so that the three-drug products Awards

Yichang Three Gorges Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a company engaged in pharmaceuticals, animal health products, food additives, such as product development, production and management of biotech companies. Founded in 1955, 1974 began production of pharmaceutical products, the 2003 restructuring of private enterprises. Existing three production plants and a biochemical industrial park under construction, the main products are neomycin sulfate, valine, isoleucine, acetic acid lysine, leucine, large capacity injections. Wherein neomycin sulfate global market share among the best, one of the world's largest producer; valine, isoleucine, among the nation's annual output.

Three Gorges, one of mainstay products of pharmaceutical companies neomycin sulfate is a broad-spectrum antibiotic, but also independent research and development of veterinary medicinal products, through the national GMP certification and the US FDA certification; company is also one of the earliest of the amino acid raw materials production base, valine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine acetate national standards of our company have been involved in the drafting, currently valine, isoleucine annual rank domestic forefront; "Three Gorges" brand series of amino acid infusion Hubei Province was awarded "brand names", "quality products" title, different specifications of more than 50 species, and sales network covering the whole country, sales in the domestic front four.

Currently, the Three Gorges pharmaceutical product variety has been formed, the dosage form is complete, reliable core product quality, solid technical reserves varieties complete product system, with more than 200 kinds of national pharmaceutical production license approval. At the same time, the company was in Hubei Province Science and Technology Department identified as "high-tech enterprises," the company's technology center was identified as Hubei Province, "Enterprise Technology Center", has been assessed Yichang Municipal Science and Technology Bureau as "Yichang neomycin sulfate engineering and technology center."

To science and technology, a combination of research, to improve their core competitiveness. Three Gorges pharmaceutical cooperation with the National Technology Transfer Center of Tsinghua University, Shanghai Second Military Medical University, China Three Gorges University, Hubei Medical Engineering Institute and other research institutes, and achieved fruitful results in improving the existing production levels and new product development.

Through years of rapid development of enterprises, the company has more than 1,000 highly qualified medical practitioners, accounting for about half the total number of employees among various professional and technical personnel. The company has strong technical force and advanced detection instruments, attaches great importance to product quality, total quality management, has a full-time quality control personnel and product testing personnel, equipped with advanced high-performance liquid chromatography, infrared spectroscopy, amino acid analyzer, UV spectrophotometer and other imported testing equipment, to meet the company's research, production, product testing needs. The company also paid great attention to technological innovation, in 2008, we have successfully conducted a "neomycin sulfate," "Val," "isoleucine" Three strains carrying the Shenzhou VII manned spacecraft test for bacteria Mutation breeding out of a new road.

In the company "to establish faith, the pursuit of sincere, reflecting concern," the concept of corporate culture, so that all staff cohesion enhancement, increased motivation, passion also shape up the company's development also wind into the sky, he moved the company from a small enterprise development to become a vibrant large pharmaceutical companies.

"Twelve Five" period, the completion of the Three Gorges pharmaceutical steadily IPO process, high-tech development zone of Yichang City continues to develop formulations and specialty pharmaceutical production series, pharmaceutical research and development as one of the Three Gorges Pharmaceutical Technology Industrial Park; the establishment of animal production in Ziyang District, Yichang City, formulation development, formulation of special animal expand markets continue to become bigger and stronger neomycin sulfate, a world leader in the consolidation of this product; complete amino acid relocation project, invest in the development of amino acid products, expand production scale, so that series production of amino acid products, technical level leading domestic position.

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